spa|ce for meetings

in Brussels' EU Quarters

We are proud to announce that Spa30 has been the first Brussels location to be attributed the Brussels Health Safety Label for complying with Covid-19 measures.


The heart of the European Quarter beats to the rhythm of shared ideas, opinions, discussion and debate. For EU officials, public affairs professionals and businesses, spa30

has transformed its facilities into a space designed specifically to cater for those needs.

The spa30 space is highly flexible, with a young and dynamic ambiance to it. The coffee area and the meeting rooms are ready to welcome your event. The space is adaptable to make sure that you can make the most out of any meeting.



Spa 30 is following all Covid-19 measures. We will be open again from 1 July, providing a safe space for meetings.

Covid-19 safety measures

Video conference


Broadcast facilities

Perfect location in Brussels' EU Quarters

High-speed internet

All the technical equipment required

Reception desk

Everything ready for your arrival

Up to 45 seats


A welcoming coffee area


Flexible room setup




At our professionally set-up studio, we provide you with all the necessary equipment for a smooth virtual event or video production. We take care of the streaming, filming, audio (headsets / hand-held microphones, speakers, professional audio system), interactivity, lighting, social media and decoration.


Find out more about our Virtual Live Events services


The board room has premium furniture, luminous space, a peaceful surrounding and a 75-inches LED screen. Its the perfect place for board meetings, presentations and discussions. The board room can welcome up to 12 seats.


€3 160

excl. VAT

Great for meetings, discussion, presentations or interviews. Geared towards decision-making and ideas-sharing, the meeting room can welcome up to 7 seats.



The lounge area is a welcoming place perfect for networking. It can be used for coffee breaks, walking lunches and receptions.



The conference room can welcome up to 45 seats. It is flexible and a perfect fit for a number of different uses.

Choose a

room setup:

* without beamer